Plasma Experts from Science and Industry

We work with a wide variety of experts to ensure that our Academy's output is as lively and productive as possible. In addition to our in-house experts, these include prominent scientists from all over the world and leading industry figures. When selecting our speakers and lecturers, we attach equal importance to high standards of technical expertise and a willingness to engage in discourse. We believe that all Academy content should create opportunities for fruitful dialogue.


Organisation and Contact Person

Erhard Krampe
Manager for Technology Transfer and Knowledge Exchange

Telephone: +49 5204 9960-0

Our Experts and Speakers

Lukas Buske

Head of Plasma Applications

PhD Dhia Ben Salem

Group Leader Research

Tim Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Bas Buser

Global Market Segment Manager Printing Applications

Nico Coenen

Market Segment Manager Electronics

Peter Langhof

Technical Sales

Klaus Kresser

Global Market Segment Manager Bonding Applications

Thomas Markert

Managing Director

Joachim Schüßler

Sales Manager Germany

Tanja Pawlenko

Technical Sales

Norman Haas

Technical Sales