Automotive Sensors and Camera Systems Securely Bonded by Combining Openair-Plasma® with Special Adhesives

Tuesday, 10-04-2022
60 min

Autonomous driving and increased well-being as a major trend in the automotive industry: From improving passenger comfort through emotion sensing, introducing vital signs to detect driver health, biometric authentication to self-driving cars. The use of accurate and reliable sensors and cameras is the key to high-performance and efficient processes and new technologies.

High mechanical strength, high resistance to corrosion as well as high vibration resistance form part of the requirements for processes in the automotive industry. To meet these requirements, the adhesives industry is constantly developing new adhesives to be used here. DELO specializes in adhesives for demanding industrial applications. In addition to customized adhesives, Plasmatreat offers with its Openair-Plasma® pretreatment technology the optimal prerequisite for long-term stable adhesion.

In this PlasmaTalk, Mr. Dr. Hose from DELO, in cooperation with Mr. Schüßler, the sales manager of Plasmatreat, will show the possibilities that arise from a combination of customized adhesives and Openair-Plasma®. This is because the interaction of a surface pretreatment with open-air plasma and the subsequent selection of the right adhesive can not only achieve a certain functionality, but also increase process reliability and aging resistance.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Optimizing the strength and aging resistance of sensor and camera systems by combining open-air plasma with adhesives.
  • Influencing factors in production to achieve process reliability and increase product quality
  • Effects of Openair-Plasma® pretreatment in combination with typical adhesives
  • Overview of specific applications where Openair-Plasma® opens up new possibilities

This free session is aimed at research, development and quality control professionals, as well as equipment designers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial manufacturing.
The PlasmaTalk will last approximately 40-60 minutes followed by a Q&A session. If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to so that we can incorporate it into the session.

Please note that due to our international audience, we provide the time slot in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
Please check your time zone using the time calculator below (TimeCalc).

Joachim Schüßler

Sales Manager Germany

He has many years of professional experience as sales manager for Plasmatreat Germany and is also responsible for the German branch in the south. As a key account manager, he looks after numerous customers, whom he advises as a specialist in the use of plasma technology in production processes for bonding, printing and coating applications.

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Hose

Ralf Hose is Academy Manager and the Surface Pretreatment Specialist at DELO. After completing his diploma in automotive engineering and the first job as project engineer, he started working as a training manager at DELO in 2006. There he finalized his Dissertation in the field of surface pretreatment. 12 years ago, he founded the training department at DELO and has been passing on his distinct knowledge in the field of adhesive bonding technology and surface treatment to any interested people since then.